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WasteSavvy’s De-Cluttering Service Surrey.


WasteSavvy is only too aware of how very personal & sensitive it can be to declutter belongings in your life. We will work at your pace, and help you to reclaim space in your home.


WasteSavvy’s owner, Paul Rosan conducts a de-cluttering service in Surrey & Berkshire personally, and wants reassure anyone whether they have inherited a property from a relative who was a hoarder or perhaps a compulsive buyer there is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed. Having worked in the house clearance industry for over 12 years he has seen it all, and wants you to feel comfortable no matter what your situation is, and acknowledges sometime life gets a little out of control for all of us.


We have a un-sign written van especially for this purpose, and work in a very sensitive & dignified manner at all times. Furthermore we can transport personal belongings to WasteSavvy’s dry storage facility until such time you our client, feel comfortable for us to donate/recycle/dispose of the items.


Call Paul today, in the first instance he will be very happy just to listen and offer friendly advice and perhaps arrange a consultation when you’re ready.   WasteSavvy’s De-Cluttering Service Surrey